Fergalicious – Saddleup Boots

About couple of weeks ago I ordered at 6pm.com this Fergalicious Saddleup boots in taupe color. It arrived fast and I am very happy with it. It was on sale for $29.99 from $89.95 MSRP. When I checked back again now there’s no taupe color already and the one’s left is the dark brown which is priced at $49.99. I am glad I was able to order it weeks ago for lesser price.

The boots is very comfortable in fairness. It has buckle accents that make it stylish and slouchy design on the upper side of the boots. This boots is really perfect for this time of the year where the weather is cold.

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Translation Services

English is my second language and there are times that I feel inferior, especially when in a group discussion during my time in school. I have lots of ideas but if I can’t grasp the right words to say, I will pause in mid-sentence or saying ah or um. I thought doing so is annoying and I am trying to correct myself. I was told not to speak fast in order for my speech to follow what I have in mind. But sometimes because of the tension and the lack of confidence, I tend to stammer. I even attended ESL classes back then as well, which I though helped a great deal in improving my speaking ability.

When it comes to understanding different documents in your own language, a good translation service is needed. The convenience of having these translation companies in the internet makes it very easy for those who wanted to avail of it. I just learned about this type of service recently. When I applied in a technical college in Georgia years ago, I didn’t realize that my high school diploma is in my language. I was told to have it translated to English. But I wasn’t able to find a translation agency back then. Good thing my college diploma was accepted and the high school diploma was waived. But now if ever I will be told to have it translated, I know that the internet is a vast resource to go to.

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Scarves from Amazon

I happened to see a post from KCL about this 2 Pcs – chiffon zebra stripes shawl/scarf wrap Pashmina and Fashion leopard shawl wrap that is priced for $3.99 with free shipping. I still have my Amazon GC balance that I redeemed from Swagbucks, so I ordered it for myself. The measurement is kinda long so I think this is a good buy for both. I am very excited to receive it and I got an email that it is already shipped. Not sure until when this will be priced as this, but it is still in stock so why not grab one for yourself now.

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First Day of School Fashion

Our daughter’s first day of school as first grader was on September 4th. During our back to school shopping, she picked out the flower-printed button down long sleeve and this denim uniform skirt when we went clothes shopping at Osh Kosh store. She told me she will wear it on her first day of school. The outfit cost less than $20 as it has 40% off. When she saw it she asked me if it it is on sale. She knows that I will not buy it if it is full price. It’s funny how she picked up that from me. If she sees something she like she always ask first if it is on sale or not. I am glad though that she is aware of it.

So her first day of school went well. She was very happy after school and got lots of stories about her day at school. She is very enthusiastic and it’s a good thing as I will not have a hard time waking her up in the morning.

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Rent or Buy and Sell Textbooks

Textbooks are really expensive if you buy it new from popular bookstores. The good thing nowadays is that if you don’t want to buy brand new books, you can go online and either rent or buy second hand books. I think this is a good way to lessen the cost of in buying books for education. One site that I found out to go to rent or buy and sell textbooks is becksbooks.com. I learned they have best price and best service. Students who have books to sell can get cash back fast with them.

Here in our area there are also books for rent or buy and sell old books service. I did use this service back then. Good thing now though is that you can do this online without going to store personally. For those students that want to save money from buying books, try renting and check the site online.

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