Ready for Black Friday?

Happy thanksgiving to all! But after the celebration tonight I bet most of you are ready for the black Friday sales. I would love to shop for the holidays but I don’t have the money to buy all that I want to give to my family and friends. So I will see what I can get for them until Christmas.

This black Friday thing is a big thing for all shoppers who wanted to get stuff for discounted or sale price. I remember when I was working in retail the long lines in stores just to get those door buster items. Some store open at midnight and some very early in the morning. So make sure you have planned out your strategy before heading out your door.

If, and only if, I go shopping on black Friday, first thing I will do is check out stores that I wanted to go and know the special events. Some stores have certain times that they put their items on sale for very low price. Some would have it as soon as they open and usually until noon. Also compare prices beforehand. Some stores will match up the price of their competitor,so make sure to bring in the flyer with that item from different store.

I love to experience early black Friday shopping but I don’t think I can withstand the throngs of people that will line up and rush in as soon as the door opens. I am afraid I will be run over. I may just go online and enjoy shopping at the comfort of my home.

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