Graduation Fashion faux Pas: What Not to Wear to Your Graduation

Looking for the perfect thing to wear on your big day can be really difficult. This is your last college hurrah. Surely, you would want to remember this day for the rest of your life. This is why there is a pressure in finding a really good graduation dress. Although there are really no laws regarding what a graduate should wear. There are some things that you avoid wearing, most especially if you will be having an outdoor graduation.

Here are some of them:

Prom dress

Of course, a graduation is a formal event. However, you must keep in mind that what may be acceptable to wear to a prom may not be for graduation. This is because, well, these are two different types of formal events. You can wear a formal dress but avoid colors that are too bright. Do not wear anything that is covered with lace or flare out like the ball gown of Cinderella.

Wedding Dress or Bridesmaid dress

A Graduation may call for a more business like dress. Do not wear ivory or white long gown. Once again, you are a graduate and not a bride.

Flowy maxi dresses

You would not want to wear a dress that is longer than your toga. That would be awkward. Yes, you can wear sleeveless dresses but opting for what look like a summer dress is a big no-no.

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