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English is my second language and there are times that I feel inferior, especially when in a group discussion during my time in school. I have lots of ideas but if I can’t grasp the right words to say, I will pause in mid-sentence or saying ah or um. I thought doing so is annoying and I am trying to correct myself. I was told not to speak fast in order for my speech to follow what I have in mind. But sometimes because of the tension and the lack of confidence, I tend to stammer. I even attended ESL classes back then as well, which I though helped a great deal in improving my speaking ability.

When it comes to understanding different documents in your own language, a good translation service is needed. The convenience of having these translation companies in the internet makes it very easy for those who wanted to avail of it. I just learned about this type of service recently. When I applied in a technical college in Georgia years ago, I didn’t realize that my high school diploma is in my language. I was told to have it translated to English. But I wasn’t able to find a translation agency back then. Good thing my college diploma was accepted and the high school diploma was waived. But now if ever I will be told to have it translated, I know that the internet is a vast resource to go to.

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