First Day of School Fashion

Our daughter’s first day of school as first grader was on September 4th. During our back to school shopping, she picked out the flower-printed button down long sleeve and this denim uniform skirt when we went clothes shopping at Osh Kosh store. She told me she will wear it on her first day of school. The outfit cost less than $20 as it has 40% off. When she saw it she asked me if it it is on sale. She knows that I will not buy it if it is full price. It’s funny how she picked up that from me. If she sees something she like she always ask first if it is on sale or not. I am glad though that she is aware of it.

So her first day of school went well. She was very happy after school and got lots of stories about her day at school. She is very enthusiastic and it’s a good thing as I will not have a hard time waking her up in the morning.

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