Prizes from Winning Giveaways

Lately I’ve been blessed and won some giveaways and contests hosted by my friend bloggers online. The above picture is of the On-The-Go hair bands that I won from Supernova and Sweetpain. I use it daily for my hair and for my kids as well. I like it a lot as it don’t make my hair hurt when I pull the band off. No complaints too from my girls when they want me to have a pony tail.

Another product I won is a skin care from Merlot. I chose the moonlight radiance night cream to try as I don’t have any skin product to use at night. Accordingly this product has peptides and natural grape seed antioxidants combination that combats deep wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of premature aging effectively. The skin is locked in by this powerful formula that keeps the skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

This is my first time to try this product and I like how it smell and how my skin feels after using it. I’ll wait for few weeks to really see improvement to my skin. I won this from a giveaway hosted by A Momma’s Journal.

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2 Responses to Prizes from Winning Giveaways

  1. Congrats on winning those cool giveaways Mommy Bless :-) I bet it felt great to win, right? I love to join giveaways as well especially if I really love the prize :-)

  2. joy h says:

    Oh thank you mommy for the link! Glad you like it and received it fast!

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