Garage Cleaning

Sunday night we were cleaning up the garage and sorted out hubby’s military gear that he needs to return to CIF. He got four big black storages boxes that he stored his military stuffs and our red storage boxes where we stored all our seasonal decorations. Going through his stuffs is a learning experience as I also ask him what is it for and what you call it. It is just very interesting to learn all those military gears. After we sorted it and organized in each boxes, we also did his mechanical tools that he uses when he fix our vehicles. I can’t believe how we collected different tools, bolts, nuts, screws, threaded standoffs, spacers, bearings, nails, among others. Our girls were having fun counting it while sorting it according to its size. I am glad now the garage is at least uncluttered. We thought of having it painted soon so we can install racks for organization.

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