Cleaning Up My PC System

I noticed that my PC is getting slower even though we have a fast internet connection. I asked my husband about it and he said I need to clean my pc system. It has been a while that we defrag the PC and also a good decluttering of the system with all junk files and other dusts accumulation causes it to run slow. I know defragmenting it will take time, but I need to find time for it.

I was browsing online and did some researching what causes the computer to run slow. Aside from its wear and tear as you may say, the digital dusts build up over time from not cleaning up the system, the unexpected rebooting of the PC, debris from other computer systems and softwares we are using can leave junks in our computer. I am pretty sure there is a good PC clean up tool that can help me clean my PC up. But I have to wait for my dear husband to do it as he is more knowledgeable than me when it comes to computer stuff.

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