Blessie’s Finds: Target Clearance Rack Finds

I love scouring through clearance racks of clothing stores to look for a good deal. I don’t buy clothes in full price. I always wait when it gets on sale and even use coupons, if there is any, on top of it to maximize my savings. So, when I happened to go to Target this past week, I was very ecstatic to find something that I like. Been wanting to buy more skinny jeans for summer and was bale to find one that fits me.

I thought I really made a good deal on this jeans. This will be perfect for the summer and pair it with just plain white shirt and flats or boat shoes or sneakers for casual and fresh look then it would be cool. I am also thinking of pairing it with an ecru button-down sleeveless shear blouse with nude pumps for a casual chic ensemble.

How about you? Any suggestions on styling with this tie dye skinny jeans?

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Skinny Tie Dye denim in coral. 
Original Price: $24.99
Clearance Price: $7.48

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One Response to Blessie’s Finds: Target Clearance Rack Finds

  1. Mei says:

    Wow! That is a huge savings! It is really good to buy at clearance sale because you get to buy good things at a very affordable price.

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