Blessie’s Finds: Tank Top and Embellished Tie-Waist Sleeveless from JC Penny

JC Penny is one of the stores where I get inexpensive clothing. Weeks ago, we went to the mall just for a walk and window shopping. I didn’t have any plans of getting anything, but when I saw this studded or embellished tie-waist, button-down sleeveless top in one of the sale racks I thought this would be nice to have for the summer. So I fitted it along with navy blue tank top. The pair looks nice so I ended up getting both.

The tank top was on sale for $9.99 from $14.99 and the embellished tie-waist sheer sleeveless blouse was also on sale for $9.99 from $20+.  I thought I did great on this purchase, as you know I don’t buy clothing on full price. I always go for sale price. I wore it in one of my friend’s son birthday and had a white short to go with it. I also wore it with a cut out denim short in picture above, which was taken by my 3-year-old [reason why it looks a bit hazy].

#170/366 Blog Photo Challenge

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6 Responses to Blessie’s Finds: Tank Top and Embellished Tie-Waist Sleeveless from JC Penny

  1. seny says:

    I am so in love with your top! And those shorts, My! One word- S.E.X.Y

  2. I love your shorts, the top is cute too!

  3. Rcel says:

    Awwww ka-sexy man nimo Mama! Looking so gorgeous on that short shorts! :D I love JC Penney, too, pero after they closed here, wala na ko ka-shob ug usab from them. I am wishing nga mag-open sila ug new store sa new location diri ra pud aron maka-avail na pud ko ug great buys.

    I like that top Bless! I can see myself wearing it, too, pero not your size kay gamay naman kaayo ka oi! :D

    BPC hop!

  4. Oh! is it hot in here? or is it you Mommy Bless hehehe The top has a cute design but I love the sexy skimpy shorts :-) You look sexy Mommy Bless :-)


  5. jheylo says:

    I love JCPenny too :) sheer fabric are very in these days. I love your outfit mami bles pang summer kaayo ba. Very sexy.

  6. emzkie says:

    what a cute outfit mommy bless! i love the color of your tank top and love the embellish gems on the blouse. very cute. suits u well.


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