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Since I stopped working in March of this year I gained about 6 lbs and I told myself if I will not start making changes to be active from being sedentary, I will surely pack some more pounds. And this scares me as we do have history of heart failure, high blood pressure, hypertension and other similar illnesses. In fact, I was already diagnosed more than 2 years ago of having a little above normal bad cholesterol. I was able to bring it back to normal when I followed the nutritionist’s advice of having more omega 3 and fiber in my diet as well as doing exercises. But there are times when your motivation is at its lowest in doing the exercise routine, thus my weight gain is creeping up again.

Last year I started doing rigorous exercise regimen with my husband, the Insanity workout. It was really insane and I have seen the result of it but not to what my goal is, reaching my pre-pregnancy weight of 103 pounds. I only did Insanity for a little less than a month and then stopped abruptly. With it, I gained back weight. Then I joined the workforce that exercising was put at the back burner. But I was amazed that with my job and no exercise, I was able to lose weight and even down to my weight goal due to fatigue and stress. And then I resigned from my job in March and my weight went back up adding 6 more pounds.

This time that I am not working and the weather is getting a little warmer, I can go out more for a walk or jog, bring the kids to the park and do my little workout to burn those excess calories. And what more exciting to do this by having a comfortable workout clothing that is really apt for sweating out. And yes, I have the opportunity to try out the Ellie’s Coral Crush collection for free as one of Ellie’s ambassador.

Working out now is easy, comfy and stylish. Ellie is incorporating fashion in fitness. The fashion-forward designs of their activewear can already make you feel good inside and motivates you to strive to be fit more. I had fun doing the elliptical on my chosen workout gear, and of course I chose the coral crush collection coz I love the color and it matches my Nike free run sneakers :-)

Really, for more info about the apparel I chose at Ellie were the It Takes Two Top and the To Dye for Capri. The top is a breathable dolman long-sleeve with a double-strapped coral undershirt. The fabric does not pill as it is made with natural fiber, and its design looks like two shirt in one. The capri  on the other hand is really to dye [die] for. I like its dyed paneling design that emphasizes the shape and contour of your lower body and not just give you the optical illusion of having the shape. The fabric is very soft, lightweight, does not wrinkle, shrink, fade or bag. And most of all it keeps you dry. It is mid-rise and whatever run, hop, jog, exercise I make, it will not roll down and perfectly sits on the waist.

As a mom with active little girls who love to be at the park everyday with our warm weather, keeping up with them in my Ellie activewear is so easy-peasy. I can run, slide, swing, and play with them without the bulky clothing. Love how comfortable it is to move in it.

For all of you that wants to extend your gym or workout wardrobe, I recommend Ellie’s activewear. Very chic, trendy and fashionable but does not compromise its high-performance.

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Disclaimer: I received the above-mentioned products for free in exchange of an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine and did not receive any monetary compensation in reviewing the products.  

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38 Responses to Ellie’s Coral Crush Collection | Chic Workout Clothing

  1. Michele says:

    What a pretty color! I do not exercise but would not mind having that outfit just to hang out!

  2. Nicole A. says:

    I love to try and look good while I’m working out, I love that workout clothes can be stylish.

  3. I love what you have from Ellie, looks very comfortable!

  4. ONe reason I am committed on getting fit is the age, we are not getting any younger so we are prone to sickness. Its better to take care of our own health and stay fit than get sick.

  5. Their clothing is so cute. I have so many of their outfits and love all of them.

  6. Cyndie says:

    I really like the leggings

  7. Travel Quest says:

    Healthy is wealth, so go mga mommy stay fit and sexy :) love the leggings by the way!

  8. jheylo says:

    Yay! we have the same Ellie fitness outfit :D It’s very comfortable and I love the detail of the pants. The color is perfect as well. Mami Bless that machine you got is my favorite because it’s good for cardio exercise.

  9. jheylo says:

    Working out is the only way to keep our health better. And of course having a nice fitness apparel is even better :D

  10. Joy H says:

    I love the color of the outfit mommy Bless, very girly and very refreshing! I always admire the coral color, they never get out of style.

  11. becca says:

    what a pretty workout outfit. pays to look good while sweating

  12. April says:

    the ellie apparel that you picked is so pretty. i love coral color.:)

  13. SheyLuvz says:

    I like the coral capri. the neon color look so attractive. ana gyud mami exercise to sawa hehe. The top also is perfect for working out outside, running and other outdoor activity. i love ellie

  14. I just bought a treadmill and could use some nice workout clothing. I love what you are wearing it looks very nice.

  15. Corinne says:

    These would be great for running early in the morning. I am always worried cars won’t see me and those pants would certainly solve that problem!

  16. April says:

    i also got workout clothes from ellie and i’m inlove with it.:)

  17. zoan says:

    that is one pretty and trendy exercise apparel you are wearing!

  18. Mel Cole says:

    nice pink design you have in your workout pants mommy. you have a nice spacious home in the background. cool!

  19. I need to exercise so badly. But, I don’t have the right outfit to wear. Thank’s for sharing Ellie, will check this out.

  20. Dhemz says:

    Looking great there mamiB! I like that Ellie collection. Ayay, I don’t think I can take that insanity workout challenge….good for you!

  21. Elvis Sharp says:

    I hope you all know by now that I am not one to give a huge sales pitch on behalf of a brand unless I really respect it, which is definitely the case here. A new workout ensemble for 54% off the retail price is pretty awesome. It’s also really easy to make returns (free), pause or cancel subscriptions, so you won’t be locked into anything impossible to leave – another reason why I am so impressed with what pvBody has put together. I think the most interesting thing will be to watch what happens with the launch of Ellie on February 1. The pvBody team has said that these clothes will be every bit as awesome as the big name brands, so I’ll be curious to hear what current subscribers think.

  22. I like your Ellie outfit Mommy Bless. I love Ellie’s work out outfit too. They are so comfy to wear and not sticky when you sweat out. How I wish I have that machine you have. Those are nice for my legs :-)

  23. NovaS says:

    You look gorgeous on that Ellie outfit. I bet that is one great way for you to lose weight and gain muscles. good luck to your exercise.

  24. It is always much more fun and comfortable to exercise with the right outfit.

  25. Coolchillmom says:

    Very fashionable
    I need something like this to motivate me

  26. Adin B says:

    Can I just say first that you have some lovely workout clothes and those shoes. I love my Ellie workout clothes too. They are just comfy. We gotta stay healthy, fit and strong to keep up with our kids. LOL! :)

  27. Jonathan Diesta says:

    Very fashionable and colorful dress for a workout

  28. Wow! this is my second time today to read a post about Ellie. And all I can say is Ellie is sexy and I think comfty :) Will share this to my wife- ellie is perfect for work out!

  29. Franc Ramon says:

    Having a new and neat outfit is a good motivation to workout. I’m sure losing weight is just around the corner.

  30. Mommy Bless, we have the same capri pants. I love the feel of Ellie work out outfits. I also love the design of the the dye on the sides, so colorful. I really like your threadmill too :-) It is a perfect gear to work out with your beautiful Ellie work out outfit :-)

  31. Very nice set of workout outfit. Looks comfortable. I like the leggings. :)

  32. emzkie says:

    way to go mommy Bless! losing weight is really a tough journey for moms like us. traditional exercise is such a great effort, but i sure love the feeling after working out. it makes me feel so proud of myself cause it is like I accomplish something big. lol. anyway, even though we are Stay At Home Mom and exercise at home, it is nice to have a pretty fashionable workout clothes that will help us motivate even more. Ellie sure has a lot of pretty workout clothes that are comfortable and light weight. i like what you chose mommy Bless. it look good on you. and the color goes with your shoes

  33. CacaiM says:

    Pareha ta’g gikuha Bless. I can’t wait nga moabot akoa. :)

  34. jared's mum says:

    i love the color of your workout outfit! i wish Elle would send me one, too. I will probably be more inspired to work out + get rid of my extra pounds clad in one of those comfy + colorful outfits! :)

  35. lanie says:

    I like the combination of your outfit, It’s look very comfortable.

  36. lovely workout outfit you have there sis. Nice to have one!

  37. Good recommendation for workout outfit… Making one’s body busy makes him free from sickness, if he does it regularly. I am referring to an exercise or a workout.

  38. amiableamy says:

    That is a great review Bless … well written and detailed. I like your workout outfit, very stylish and it looks good on you.

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