Real Estate Bounce Back

I heard on the news that there are about 165,000 jobs added last month and the stock market is also doing good. I am not sure though how long this will take but it seems like the economy is starting to get better. But I know many analysts would say that due to people stopped looking for job and not filing for unemployment makes the unemployment rate going down.

Anyways, according also to our realtor friend here, the housing market in our place is really picking up. He said he sold more houses this past few months compared to last years. A friend back in NC who just bought a house there was also saying the same as she notices most of the newly built houses where they live also is selling pretty quick. It may depend on where you live at but I guess there is already hope on the housing market.

On another token, I guess commercial real estate is showing different. I’ve seen more commercial establishments closing and for lease. But for those who wanted to open up business and want to lease a particular location in NC, a raleigh commercial real estate attorney can be of great help. If I will go into business and needs a place for it, I will surely hire someone who can help me in this area. Negotiate leases, write covenants and other things that will be good for my business location. It is a must that before you open up a  business, all preparation is being covered and with the help of an expert.

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5 Responses to Real Estate Bounce Back

  1. Joy H says:

    That was nice to know. I have been checking of what was going on the economy right now but it’s good to know that there’s new jobs for people who needs one. I wish open jobs would stay longer and there more to be open jobs in the next few years to come for those who just graduated from college.

  2. Our economy is starting to get back :) I hope that it will continue like this so many people will find a job and feed their families. I would like to visit Raleigh someday. It is a warm place and maybe will settle who know and definitely will check out some real estate.

  3. jheylo says:

    That’s good news. Well, actually i heard it on our local news too, they were talking about the value of homes these days and they said it could be higher than you thought.

  4. Sheila says:

    I wish there’s a job for us or for me rather. Someone will offer me a job hehehe ambisyosa. anyway, even if the market is doing well or the real estate go down we still have money to buy house. in our case we just bought a house but the thing is we still have to pay the mortgage and of course the annoying tax hehhe. wouldn’t be nice if they give us money instead hahahahhaha. However, this is a break for home buyer. they should take advantage of this chance.

  5. Rcel says:

    That’s what I heard and read in the news as well. Good for the country, right? It really is a good news because it’s been a long recession for all of us.

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