How our kindergartner wears her scarf

Scarf is one among the fashion accessories that I really like. It is easy to use and it can add drama to an outfit. There are scarves fit for different seasons, and there are many styles of wearing it as well. Our kindergartner was influenced by me that loves wearing scarves too. When it comes to scarves, she likes the colorful ones as well as those with sparkles in it. I bought her a purple scarf with silver sequins and she loves wearing it. Yesterday was their class picture day and she requested to wear the scarf. When she got home she was showing me different ways how she wears her scarf, and I was having fun taking pictures of her.

I let her do the styling herself and just guide her when it is not appropriate where it can harm her. Now that she goes to school daily, I started to let her choose her own school clothes for the day the night before, though I remind her about the weather and what she needs to pick that is comfortable and make her warm. We get into debate at times too as when she chooses clothing that less protect her from the cold. But one thing I like is that she is becoming more and more independent in it. She likes the idea and I can sense that she is becoming confident day by day.

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2 Responses to How our kindergartner wears her scarf

  1. Rcel says:

    Aguy nalang jud ang ate Shi, fashionista man kaayo! Mag-America’s Next Top Model guro na sya Bless! So pretty and cute oi! :)

    BPC hop!

  2. jheylo says:

    such a fashionista girl :D she definitely takes after her mommy hehehhehe. I love the scarf and i love how she put it. she’s so natural and such a cutie. my favorite color too, purple.

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