Freebies from Victoria Secret

If I am not mistaken every month, if you are a frequent shopper at Victoria Secret, you can receive coupons in the mail may it be $10 off your purchase of bra, free totes with purchase, percentage off, or free panty. Last month I totally forgot my free panty and I kicked my behind for that. Anyways, I was very glad to receive another coupons in the mail of another freebies for this month of March. So earlier this month I claimed my free no-show sexy panty. I pat my back though for not spending again in VS store but only got the freebie.

It looks like this no-show underwear is recently launch and so far my fave among the freebies of panties that I got from them. It is true to its claim of really no-show panty line and the fitting is what I like the most. I am thinking of getting more color of this style once it goes on sale. I am also excited for next month as the secret reward that I have will be of use. I am hoping for a higher amount, but whatever it will be I will still be thankful. I am really having fun collecting the freebies from VS. Can’t wait for what would be next.

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4 Responses to Freebies from Victoria Secret

  1. Ayay! Ka nice gud ana something nice and sexy from VS and freebie pa jud. :) I have not been to VS in a very long time na jud mommy. I want to buy a pair of new swim suits sa ilaha next time inig sexy na ni akoa tummy. LOL! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Rcel says:

    I love VS freebie bitaw! Dati tong sa IL pa mi, maka-claim ko sa freebie all the time kay naa ra sa mall ang VS, 5 minutes ra adtoon. Diri karon sa amobg bukid kay sa pikas syudad pa man oi after the old mall diri sa downtown nag-sara during the recession. So less VS shopping na ko. Sayang lagi.

    BPC hop!

  3. yay! another freebie from VS Momi Bless :-) You remind me to claim mind and I think last month’s freebie is expired waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Returning from 70th BPC

  4. emzkiebabez says:

    i wanna see the panty! hehe.. no show good lol. ka nice ana mommy Bless oi. wala dyud koy pag asa aning VS kay mahalan man ko sa ilaha oi. $2 for a pack ra na panty ang akong ma afford. hehe

    BPC hop!

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