More House Projects

The husband have a 4-day weekend because of the President’s day holiday. This past weekend he finally started pulling out the plants we had in our front yard that I planted last spring. He said he was meaning to do it since last year when it started to wilt due to cold temperature. He mentioned also that he wanted to do some projects later when the weather gets warmer. Projects would surely include adding something in our backyard as well as putting up some flower or plant beds.

I know he has more plans for some DIY projects as he is more of a handy-manny than I am. This is why I have plans of getting him more power tools in the future. He mentioned about taking out a portion of the concrete flooring in our backyard to put up a deck in the future, but this would entail us to use concrete saw to do the job. I am not sure of how much the saw costs, but I checked out those concrete blades and they are not that much, though I know it really depends on what type, size and for what purpose you are going to use it. I am really excited for some of the house projects we have planned and hopefully we can do some of it before this year ends. Doing it on our can really save us on the labor. We just have to make sure about doing it the right way so it will not be a back job that will cost us more to redo.

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