Sibu for Men

It is really great to enter giveaways online win. Yes I joined one giveaway last year and was able to bag one of the prizes as well. The prize I won was the Sibu products. This skin care product is really new for me. I won the men’s shaving kit. It is very timely as my husband is really looking for a good skin care product for his face. As what I learned, Sibu product is 100% natural and contains nutrient-rich, soothing sea buckthorn berry fruit and seed oils. I received the 3-pack kit that includes exfoliating scrub, cleanse and detox bar, and the hydrating serum. Hubby just started using it today and he told me he like the feel of it after use. The exfoliating scrub helps prevent ingrown hairs , so I hope this can solve his problem with the ingrown hair that leaves bumps on his face.

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