Cowgirl Fashion

Are you into cowboy or cowgirl fashion? I am not so into it but I like it as it portrays you with a strong character and determined personality. Every time I see individual in a western cowboy or cowgirl attire really gives me that impression. This fashion sense for me exudes strength and vitality. I was browsing for some cowboy apparel and accessories and came across hat country. They have wide array of cowboy/cowgirl products that are very trendy and stylish. For men who loves to collect cowboy hats, they have selection of Fur Cowboy Hats that are very gorgeous. I have in the picture above my choices for an ensemble that I can see myself wearing. I haven’t owned a cowgirl hat and it would be neat to have one someday. The black with pink fur cowgirl fur hat will be a great accessory with the rest of the apparels. It will surely go with any color for a top. It don’t look masculine as the pink accent tames the black hat. The leather boots is really gorgeous with its simple detail. Right now I only own a pair of cowgirl boots that I love to wear. In fact I wore it this afternoon paired it with a dress. The belt is a knock-off with its tattoo design. I can wear this ensemble with just a plain white long-sleeve top with collar.

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5 Responses to Cowgirl Fashion

  1. Those are sexy outfits for any cowgirl :-) I love the skinny legs and the boots. I am not into hat but into jeans and boots :-)

  2. Joy H says:

    I always admire women wearing cow boy hats, however, if I’m the one wearing them, something doesn’t right. lol I don’t know but i don’t look good on it.

  3. Rcel says:

    I like looking at cowboys and cowgirls but I can’t see myself wearing their gears. I don’t think I look good in them! Lol.

  4. Shydub says:

    Me too I am not into this kind of stuff but i do like looking someone wearing all cow boy fashion. I I like to have that cowboy boots and cow boy stuff but not gonna wear it. maybe the boots and cowgirl jeans

  5. amiableamy says:

    I would not mind trying a cowboy attire and have a horseback riding on a long trail :-) … oh , in a Texas ranch too! That would be exciting!

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