Secret Reward Cards from Victoria Secret

For sure a lot of my friends love to shop at Victoria Secret. And who don’t like to go back there over and over as you will receive a lot of perks from them. You can get free panty with no purchase  or other freebies with a corresponding purchase. Last month they have the secret reward card that you will receive every time you make a purchase. The secret reward may be $10, $50, $100 or $500. Last month I only visited the store twice so i got 2 secret reward cards. I also received their flyer with $20 off a purchase, a free make up bag with $75 purchase, and another one that I already used. I thought of going to the store today to use my secret reward but got really tire. What I did was check it online. I put some items in my cart and applied the reward. Before you do your final checkout the amount of your secret reward will show. I tried both and it came out $10 each. I was hoping of a higher amount but I guess better luck next time :-)

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2 Responses to Secret Reward Cards from Victoria Secret

  1. jheylo says:

    i redeemed mine too and i only got $10 secret reward from each card i have. Well, i have 2 secret reward cards and a $10 b-day card. I got my free stuff already :D only in America mami bless huh? hehehhe

  2. Rcel says:

    Yes!!! I love VS scents! I indulged on the last Black Friday. And I always love their freebies as well! :D

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