Slow Computer Processing

Do you feel perplexed at all when your computer starts to slow down and you think it is still in good condition? In my case, I do feel that way at times. It confuses me why my desktop slows down when it has a good connection, not that old, and there’s still a big memory on it. I was reading an article on myths about PC slowdown. In the article they sited about 5 myths on why PC slows down. Accordingly to the Slow computer myth article, it is not the hardware’s wear and tear that can make a computer to slow down but the operating system and software that degrades over time. Other’s also said that wiping out and re-installation will work. The article said it does work but this process takes time. The best way to make your computer run fast is constant tuning up, maintaining it properly, and cleaning.

Now, that I am going to work full time at home and uses my computer, I need to ask my husband to do a system check and maintenance on our deskstop. I don’t want it to slow down when I am working. It will hamper my production. My work is going to be mainly online and a good and in running condition PC is very vital.


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3 Responses to Slow Computer Processing

  1. Mel Cole says:

    I haven’t check nor defrag our computer yet. at the moment, it is very slow on accessing the internet. it’s frustrating…gotta do it soon.

  2. emzkie says:

    this laptop i am using is just a couple of months old, when i first used it, i can open like more than 30 windows at the same time in AH. after a few weeks, it started to slow down. but i think the reason of it is my connection. ive heard that ISP controls the data downloaded by your PC. they know if u have downloaded so much data online, and they will try to control out. thats what ive heard of im not sure if its true, i have to turn off my router and turn back on again to get my connection faster again

  3. Nothing can be more frustrating than a slow computer especially when there is much to do online.

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