For the Love of Puzzle

The first few months when I arrived here in the US I was hooked into doing puzzles. I like the challenge of completing a jigsaw puzzle and hubby bought me some that we also both complete together. I thought of going back into it again as a family past time. Our kids are growing and our eldest show some interest in it. This Christmas time I am thinking of getting her a jigsaw puzzle as a gift and also one that all of us can complete. I’ve seen beautiful puzzles in different sizes and shapes at ravensburger puzzle store that are very interesting. The picture above I grabbed from their site and I thought it is really beautiful. So timely for the holiday season. It consists of 500 pieces and is made of recycled cardboard and used soy-based ink. An eco-friendly puzzle that can help one relax and great for family bonding. What can you ask for?  I guess I now have one activity to look forward to on our downtime here in our household.

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2 Responses to For the Love of Puzzle

  1. Nova Hedges says:

    it is nice to play with puzzle, makes your brain alive in spite of this cold weather.. that is one nice store, thanks for sharing

  2. Mommy sa una inig mag shopping ko sa rummage sale pagkadaghan naman lang jud na puzzles and perting kadagko ra ba kaayo. I eventhought of framing one, pero wala ko nadayon ug frame. Gusto ko mangita sunod ug kana gamay2x na cute nya e frame nako inig ka complete. Ganahan sad ko ug puzzles and the challenge. Perfect baya pod ni sya inig trip and kana magcamping mi nga walay lingaw kay walay kuryente naa sa sulod sa tent nya panglingaw sa bata.. hehehe…

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