Filipino Food Finds

[I paid $22.73 including tax for 9 items]

Having to live in another country and seldom to see goodies that I used to eat back home, seeing these goodies is really a joy. But because we are near Seafood City and most Asian stores here carries Filipino products, even Walmart does, I will always have a fix of my favorite snack items. My kids love the Filipino snack products so I bought some this afternoon. I thought of getting some more as it will be really handy once my work at home job will commenced this Monday. I have to have lots of snack back up for the kiddos in case they want something to munch while I am working.

These products above are just few of the Filipino products that the Asian store here carries. They have more and every time I go there I long to buy a bunch. There are too many Filipinos in this part of the country also this is why it is easy for me to find these. Our little girl’s favorite is the ube cake and the coconut crackers. She always ask for it that is why I bought two packs. The older girl loves the stikk-o so I bought the strawberry and chocolate flavor.

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6 Responses to Filipino Food Finds

  1. Lucky ka mommy oi kay naa ka Asian store na ma adtuan ug ganahan ka ug Pinoy food. Ako tawn magsalig sa online na mahal samot.. waaaaaaaa…. :) Kalami ba ana oi. Gimingaw ko ug anything nga naa UBE. hehehe…

  2. momwriter says:

    I wonder how much it would cost you to buy that there.

  3. Rcel says:

    Dollar kaayo ang mga pagkaon nga bisaya diri Bless no? Mapiyongan pud naku ang tag sobra 100 nga mabayran kada adto sa filipino store sa milwaukee. Karon kay sa philamfood na ko tigpalit. Sa atoa pa ni, 1000 pesos, ma-problema na ta ug hurot sa atong na-kumpra. LOL

  4. jheylo says:

    yummers :D my kids loves filipino snacks too. just this morning we stopped by at Seafood City to get some lumpia wrapper because i have order coming up, i had to grab them something too :D

  5. Mel Cole says:

    i miss eating those kind of snacks too. boy, once you find Philippine snacks here in US, it feels like it’s been ages that we haven’t been living in Philippines. Suddenly you realize you bought so expensive food… hehe but it’s good mommy that you enjoyed you treats!

  6. emzkie says:

    Filipino products sure are very expensive in abroad. imagine nalang nato na we are buying it in pesos. hehehe

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