Wrestling Shoes

My husband is a fan of wrestling. Monday night and Friday night is his tv time watching WWE. Usually it comes on every 9:00 pm and ends at 11:00 pm. Way back in high school when I started to hear about wrestling sport and then I began watching it as well but not as a die hard fan. It ended though when I was in college as I was living in a dormitory and seldom we can access to watch television.

Anyhow, now that I also watch wrestling with my husband, I am wondering of the gears that they are using while in that ring. I know for certain that when it comes to apparel, shoes, and accessories every sport have appropriate design or certain specifications. When it comes to wrestling, the shoes they are wearing is very different than those you use when you play football, soccer, or basketball. I saw this asics wrestling shoes that has a fun design to it. For sure, those that are playing in WWE have their shoes specifically made and fitted for them according to their style.

I learned that wrestling shoes are designed to mimic the bare foot and is soft, form-fitting and should be durable. Shoes that will reduce weight and enhance flexibility of the wrestlers but still maintains traction and durability when they’re moving around. It is made with high-top design to provide support and cushion for the ankle. I also read that some power lifters find wrestling shoes to be useful because it provides little shock absorption when they do lifting.

I know some high schools have wrestling as sport program in their school. Parents who allow their kids to play this sport should also make sure they have proper gears to wear to avoid and prevent any accidents or diseases they may encounter while playing. It is very much important to follow rules and specifications for the gears to be used as it is vital for the players safety.

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12 Responses to Wrestling Shoes

  1. Surprisingly, my daughter loves to watch wrestling shows and that’s because her grandfather watch this kind of sport on tv. Oh, she can even recognize John Cena. :-)

  2. Yeah,that’s right there are specific shoes for a certain sports.A first time to see the wrestling shoes.It looks soft and weightless.

  3. chubskulit says:

    I like boxing but not wrestling, hubby on the other hand like wrestling.

  4. those wrestling shoes are cute though I am not a fan of wrestling :-)

  5. People can perform better in any sport with the right equipment and gear.

  6. jheylo says:

    i used to watch that show too but when i found out that everything was just a pretend i stopped watching it hehehhe. those shoes are indeed comfy for those wrestlers

  7. peachkins says:

    LOL! I don’t watch wrestling. But I know that Hulk Hogan and John Cena plays in it…

  8. Ghel Pot says:

    i used to love watching wrestling. my kids don’t watch it but they got some moves lol. maybe i could buy them a pair of that shoes

  9. Ane says:

    I never got into wrestling, I just couldn’t appreciate it the way that most people did. :P but for kids, it can be a good sport.

    I love the colorful wrestling shoes though, so cool. :)

  10. che says:

    I also used to be a fanatic of WWE and later came to realize it’s scripted. haha! but my favorite was Austin :)

  11. We do not have any regular TV program because if we have our kids will be addicted hehehe. And also hubby did not want it. But for me its ok as long as there is limitation of watching…

  12. Marie says:

    I used to watch wrestling matches as a kid…hulk hogan, andre the giant, sounds familiar? :)

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