The Fairy Hobmother’s Goodness

I heard so much back then about the goodness of Fairy Hobmother. I was wondering if he is really true, and he can grant your wish to come true. Most of my blogger friends attested that he is indeed real. I read blogs that were visited by him. They’re all praises of the blessings that the Fairy Hobmother had shared to them. One even said that he did not expect that one of their problems can be solved as he did gave something to answer it. Another one said that her wish to give her little darling something for being a good kid is already answered courtesy of the Fairy Hobmother too. So for those that have a wish to come true, get connected with Fairy Hobmother thru Twitter. You can also leave a short comment here with your site and or email address for the Fairy Hobmother to get back at you. He has lots of fairy overlords to share and goodness to spread throughout the blogsphere. So don’t wait, make him recognize that you are around and is willing to welcome him!

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21 Responses to The Fairy Hobmother’s Goodness

  1. Sheila says:

    The overload fairy hobmother post is spreading through the blogaspher. i wish the fairy will come back some other time and spread more magic and pixie dust

  2. Chie says:

    now you’ve proven him true..i hope i could prove how true fairy hobmother is too. congrats! laki diay si hobmother no? hehehe sauna ra jud ko nacurious kay he man gud sa akong nabasahan tanan nga blog…

    i hope he’ll pay me a visit this Christmas

  3. SassyChick says:

    I have been stalking Fairy Hobmother…again…I hope he visit my blog/s soon…:-)

  4. jheylo says:

    congratulation mami bless :) shopping time pretty soon huh? hehehhe

  5. yay! congrats and congrats again Momi Bless you are truly blessed indeed from the Fairyhobmother for granting all your wishes come true :-)

  6. joy says:

    this is so amazing of you can just wish one day and all of s a sudden a fairy will make it come true! I wish he would hear my call too! Hoping to hear from him soon!

  7. Poray says:

    oh, fairy hobmother, when are you going to visit my blogs? my son’s birthday is in 2 days :)

  8. Gee says:

    I will be very happy if he decides to drop by my blog…I am excited.

  9. Dhemz says:

    awwwwwwww,,,good for you mamiBless…perfect to shop before Christmas season arrives…I wish FHM will come and visit my blogs soon…:)

  10. Shydub says:

    I love fairy hobmother. he is awesome. Enjoy the fairy hobmother’s visit mommy bless and i wish he’ll come back with more pixie dust and perhaps grant more wishes

  11. fairy hobmother is getting more generous than ever. i’m sure lots/more blogs will get the chance of a visit from him and his overlords.

    cheers for sharing! :)

  12. emma says:

    awww! lucky you! i wish fairy hobmother will come and visit my blogs too!

    If you are reading this fairy hobmother, holler me back! :)

  13. Congrats sis.. he was my visitor too a few days ago. Thanks to HIM.

  14. I’ve been waiting desperately for this fairy to come.. I hope he’ll hear me out this time :) please.. :)

  15. Mel Cole says:

    wow, another blog to receive fairy hobmother’s blessings :D i wish he could see my blogs too.

  16. Shela says:

    Waaahhhh another one! This must be a sign.. wishful! Btw, congrats to you here!

  17. emzkie says:

    wow congrats mommy Bless!! this is great!

  18. I hope Fairy Hobmother visits my blog:
    I already followed him on Twitter: @kikayprincess02

    Lourdes D. Espanol

  19. Nancy says:

    Lucky you, sis… still waiting for mine here. :-)

  20. Wena says:

    congrats! I’m still waiting for the Fairy hobmother to visit my blog… :D

  21. chubskulit says:

    I have been chasing him for a long time but so far, no luck hehehe. Lucky you!

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