Rewards Cards for Shopping

As a Mom and in-charge of grocery shopping and buying clothing for the family I make sure I can get enough savings and perks from our favorite stores. And as we all know that here in the US almost all stores, groceries or department stores, have a somewhat rewards program to offer as their loyalty program to their customers. If you join or enter their rewards program you will constantly receive coupons and promotions. You also be the first to receive what’s new in store.

Here are some of the rewards card and key cards that I have and what I carry anywhere I go. Actually these are only few of them. I still have some more in my other wallet. But the ones in my key chain is what I always carry with me. If you are a conservative type and don’t want to share too much of your information from these stores, you can opt out for these rewards program and only sign up to those stores that you really go to, like the grocery store that you frequent shopping.

I really am thankful for these rewards program or store cards coz I can save money and also get the benefits of a loyal customer. This is one way of my saving means aside from couponing.

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5 Responses to Rewards Cards for Shopping

  1. I love to shop and having a reward cards from your favorite store is a must plus the savings you get and enjoy the clothing is just pure happiness Momi Bless :-)

  2. Shydub says:

    The keychains cards are cute to collect. Sometimes, some of my rewards card got expired because theres no one to drive me to the mall and no ah ah for shopping too.

  3. joy says:

    rewards cards is good but it makes you to shop more than you used to. It’s sad but i think it’s another way to earn extra benefits from shopping and more savings, somehow, i hope these reward cards won’t expire as what other reward cards are.

  4. jheylo says:

    only in America mami bles huh? hehehhe. we will never get a reward card in PI for sure.

  5. Hala ka dhaa kadaghan ba nimo reward cards mommy oi.. :) my heavens! mura ug what seems like thousand years na wala nako ka shopping sa mall or any department stores da.. wala ra kaayo mi makadawat ug daghan reward cards.

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