Review: Inexpensive Swanque Clothing

As a Mom I am making sure the household budget is right on til the penny. It is my advocate within the family to always scout for great deals with all our necessities including buying stuff for myself. I always go for fashion for less. And I am very glad that you can find great deals of women’s clothing online. One that I found out to have great stuff but very inexpensive wholesale and retail clothing is at

To give you an overview of this company, Swanque Clothing is an up and coming and fast growing clothing stores located in Downtown Los Angeles area. They offer high quality, trendy, and seasonal retail women’s clothing from name brand and local manufacturers. Because of their location at the center of the textile and fashion district, they developed a working relationship with manufacturers that enable them to cut the middle-men, thus passing the savings to their customers. They also offer FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING (domestically) with any purchase of $50 or higher.

I was able to receive two of their products early this week for review. And I am so glad with my choices. First,I chose the Going Bananas Dress. This bright yellow dress is made of polyester that has a scoop neckline, fitted waist, and hi-low hemline. Very lightweight, semi-sheer comfortable dress. I like how the fabric just hug and flow with your body. You can wear it with or without the belt or add any appropriate accessories to match the dress. The price is right for this cute dress at $10.

The second item that I chose is the Honey Cardigan. Originally it was $15 but now on sale for $9.75. Not bad at all. My friend told me she purchased similar style at a different store. She added that the price is somewhat the same but the one she bought is sheerer than the one I got. I chose this one as I love the salmon-orange color and is perfect for fall. You can wear it on top of a small white or black dress or accentuate it to create a color block ensemble.

Honestly I found a lot of good deals on this store. I am satisfied with what I chose and I got compliments on the cardigan as I wore it yesterday on a small gathering with some friends. My friends also told me they will check Swanque online and look for more trendy, stylish, and affordable clothing. You can also shop now at Swanque. Their fall styles are already in store. You can follow them on Twitter and like their Facebook page to be more updated of current sales, promotions, and store events.

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26 Responses to Review: Inexpensive Swanque Clothing

  1. Rcel says:

    Angayan kaayo ka sa yellow dress, Bless! Aguy ako di nalang ko mangarap ana. LOL. I love the cardigan though. Nice sya ug style.

    I am into simple fashion for less as well kay di magsilbi ug mahalon, puyo jud mi ilalom sa tulay ug magpabongga ug banat. Lol.

  2. I love the yellow dress on you Momi Bless :-) loves the design too :-) nice shoes too :-) You look like a model :-)

  3. Mel Cole says:

    very nice choices of dress and top mommy. you’re gorgeous!

  4. Dhemz says:

    really nice! looking hottie mamiBless…yellow looks great on you! murag way anak…ehehee!

  5. joy says:

    I love the yellow dress Bless. It looks good on you too!

  6. Oh dear! Looking lovely. I could surely use a nice cardi though for this cold weather.

  7. Lulu says:

    I love the yellow dress it is so perfect with your shoes. You look gorgeous!

  8. jheylo says:

    yahhhoooo! you look good in that yellow dress :) i’m still waiting for mine too. love that cardigans

  9. Raya says:

    wow, you look great especially on the yellow dress, Bless! Wow, what great deals you’ve got there!

  10. Gee says:

    wow! you looked good on both colors…

  11. I still love the yellow dress on you Momi Bless, a perfect fit for your body too :-) I love the pose :-)

  12. Chie says:

    Wow, that dress is truly elegant. It fits perfectly on your and the cardigan too. Both are eye-catchy coz of their bight colors.

  13. jheylo says:

    i was gonna choose that cardigan but i decided to get the jacket instead :) i can’t wait for my swanque to arrive hopefully on monday

  14. You look pretty madam and the price of that piece is very affordable…

  15. Nancy says:

    gusto ko yang going bananas dress – looks so soft and comfy.

  16. Michelle says:

    Love the yellow dress!!

  17. Those all look good on you! Very nice!

  18. becca says:

    love the yellow dress so cute on you

  19. Those are so cute and look great on you. I need to go shopping as I discovered all I own is running clothing.

  20. Nicole A. says:

    I like all of the pieces you got!

  21. joy h says:

    Very Gorgeous on your yellow dress! I love the design and low cut style of it! So fabulous! A great summer dress indeed!

  22. jheylo says:

    Oh yeah swanque clothing store. I love their collection because they’re affordable and very stylish too. You look lovely in that yellow dress.

  23. Love the Going Banana dress, very cheerful and love your pose as well.

  24. Those clothes look great on you. I like that they are affordable too. I could use some new items in my wardrobe, Thanks for posting.

  25. Great prices and super cute items!

  26. Nova says:

    I like your fashion taste, they are pretty and great clothes.

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