Music in School

I wish our girls will develop love with music. Earlier while I and a friend dropped off our kids in school, we saw grade school students bringing their musical instrument such as violin, gemeinhardt flute, and guitar. Then I asked my friend if she wants to let her 1st grader and kindergartner to join the school band. I am thinking that it will be a good exposure for the kids to join music club or band in school or sports for that matter. As long as they will have some diversion and not just hanging out with friends and doing nothing. I am looking at having our daughter join too if she like. It’s a good extra curricular activities for them.

Right now our girl loves to do gymnastics, ballet, piano, and swimming, but I thought violin would be nice too. Maybe when she will be exposed and see somebody play the instrument then she’ll be interested. They have music in their class, and she said that their teacher also teach them some songs as well. I may have to check out how much violin costs for her age and size. My friend said if her daughter likes piano she’ll enroll her in piano lessons. Since I haven’t tried having music lessons when I was a child, at least my kids can enjoy this opportunity now if they like. We just remember though as parents that we should not force them to do something we like, but rather support their interest and their likes if it will not do them any harm.

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  1. joy says:

    I agree mommy, it always depend on what they like to do and what not. as long as they have interest on such hobby, why not. I always wanted my kids to be in music too by playing instruments like piano because i never did learn it.

  2. I love music and my kids do have the love of music as well. I am just not so sure who can sing well, but whatever it is they like to do just as long as it is good, then let them be. :) I sure wish when I was a kid though I learned to play instruments, but never have. I want them to learn and I mean learn a lot of things. :)

  3. Dhemz says:

    My daughter is into music instruments too pero taman ra sa balay kay way kwarta to pay for the music instructor.

    So true, we should not force our kids…we can ask them if they are interested to do such activities, but forcing them and not liking it is just a waste of money.

  4. jheylo says:

    most of the time mami bless, kay inherited ang talent. well if you and your hubby can sing, they will for sure inherit that talent :D sa amoa kay sus puro yabag lol. we dont have singers in our clan, not that i know of.

  5. yay! f the pretty girl likes the music then enroll her Momi Bless :-) so far my kids are not interested yet though they sing with me if we go karaoke :-)

  6. Freakyehs says:

    Try to enroll your kids mommy in those music classes to develop their interest in music. My husband and his sisters knows how to play some musical instrument but my husband is too lazy to teach his own son to play piano, My MIL bought a piano for my son to learn.

  7. Mel Cole says:

    We should encourage our kids to learn music too. :D That’s good mommy that your girls love music and play instruments.

  8. Rocky says:

    its good to encourage your kids to this kind of stuff… I do it with Rachel always :)

  9. Tamara says:

    In our kids school, each grade has music, with that each grade has something different up to second its singing, then these long tube things to make a large xylophone, fourth recorders, fifth brass instruments, sixth strings and drums, from that point on they mix them from fifth and sixth. Once in High school music is optional. I love how they are exposed to everything then can choose. They have the jazz band orchestra, marching band, and just band for high school so they can have options. (we do have a small school usually the kids do at least 3 in high school)

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