Investing on Annuities

With our economy nowadays sometimes it is hard to take risks in investing especially in stock market. Although I believe it is slowly bouncing back but still there is still volatility in the market that some investors are not really taking the risks. With all other investments you can have, I am really intrigued with these annuities. I am not so well-versed on it and what I only knew is that there are different types of annuities you can invest in. There is the fixed annuities that offer a fixed rate of return, so you know what will be the return in each period as it is already fixed. The other one is the variable annuity wherein you can control on what value of your contract you want to invest.  You can be an aggressive or conservative investor if you have this variable annuity. But I think one good lesson if you are investing is to look for the highest annuity rates. There are lots of financial institutions that can give you information about the different annuities you can invest in and having the knowledge before banking in your money to a specific one is a must. It is hard to lose money especially if it is for the future of the family.

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  1. Cacai M. says:

    It is indeed hard to lose money especially if it is family matters, I truly agree. Money doesn’t grow on trees, earning every penny of it is a hard work. I know the importance of money and the value towards a person’s effort. That is why, it is hard to lose it even if only a personal thing how much more if such is for our family’s. I so agree!

    Thanks for sharing such highest annuity rates Mommy Bless!

  2. Rcel says:

    I can’t say a lot when it comes to annuities. i usually consult the husband about it and he, too, cannot say a lot. Poor us! Fact is, we don’t have investment here nor back home. If we look back, we can only be proud of ourselves for the help we’ve extended to our loved ones and friends back home who needed help. We don’t have something for ourselves to enjoy but the financial help we’ve extended are for us investment enough! :)

  3. honest I just heard about this stuff while writing for ‘you know’ online… because sadly this isn’t a thing in the Phils…..

    But thanks for sharing d info :)

  4. marie says:

    when it comes to this money matter just ask the financial adviser they are the one to know how to invest your annuity the fact that money is hard to earn now a days.

  5. Dhemz says:

    likewise…I don’t have enough knowledge when it comes to situations like this…I hope thing will get better soon. Our supposedly investment in California is hurting so bad and we end up short selling it….we are still in the process….it’s really depressing.

  6. jheylo says:

    oh boy! when it comes to this topic, i’ll let my husband takes care of it lol. nosebleed kaayo bah. but i heard that you can also sell annuities. Well, investing into something is like gambling because we don’t know whether or not it’ll become profitable or not.

  7. I do not know much about annuity but husband only takes care of that matter. We do have stocks and sometimes we lost money but it will bounce back next month :-)

  8. Mel Cole says:

    my husband said that if you get annuity these days with the inflation going on, you might end up nothing in return because the inflation eats it up. he also said that if ever your company got bought up by another company, you will lose your annuity. so it is best to think twice before investing for annuity. choose a company that is reliable and can sustain inflation.

  9. emzkie says:

    i dont know much about this annuities. but i know its hard to invest on something this days, because the market is not stable.

  10. Nancy says:

    I’m certainly not a risk-taker – money wise so investing on stock market isn’t my thing although I admire the guts of those who do.

  11. With your post about investing I remember my MIM that is clever in investing the stock and she did good but the FIL did not and lost tons of money…

  12. haze says:

    so true, economy is still a bit shaky so have to have second thought when investing. Extra careful because it can get a bit dodgy and so hard to earn back what you lost.

  13. Shela says:

    I am no knowledge about this kind of stuff and i don’t want to learn, so confusing to me haha, I leave it to my Dad where his field of work is this! Or my Dad in law he owns a tax office!

  14. Susan Bewley says:

    Going to show this to my husband since he deals with all the investing.

  15. thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, i’m planning to invest in the stock market here in the philippines but i still have much to learn before i start.


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