Fancy Nancy Dress

Having two girls is really fun and in a way saves me money when it comes to buying clothes. But on the other note I feel for our DD2 as she always wear hand-me-downs from her “ate”. For now she is not complaining yet. DD1 would always tell her little sister that she wore the dress when she was little or what not, and the little one will just replied back like, “you did?” and “it’s mine now?” Even though DD2 got a lot of clothes from her ate I still get her something and most often they’ll have same clothes so it’s fair for both of them. I don’t want the little one to feel left out.

Two Sundays ago I let them wear the mint green dress that we got for them in Tar-geh . They named it as their fancy Nancy dress from the book Fancy Nancy. The dress looks fancy as it has sparkles on it and the design is flaring too. They said they’re twin but only different size, big and small. They’re very funny and I enjoyed dressing them up as they both love dress a lot. If only they can wear dress everyday they’ll do. I think little girls love to be dressed up. They love to pretend they’re princesses and they have a high court. They love to wear accessories and copying Mommy putting on make up or lipstick. Even polishing their nails when they see Mommy’s nails are painted. If you left your make up kits and accessories where they can reach it, not a day will pass that those will not be touched and tested. But then they still look so adorable and cute that the only thing you tell them is not to do it next time :-)

Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge | September 2012

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5 Responses to Fancy Nancy Dress

  1. emzkie says:

    i thought girls are pretty expensive because you have to dress them from head to toes, un like boys, pwede na tshirt ug pants tapos isa ra ka sapatos balik balik. hehehe..
    pretty kaau imong mga girls mommy. love their dress. =)


  2. Diaper Days says:

    Pagka cute nila tan awon parehas og dress hehe…na timing ka mommy kay puro girl imo anak pwede ra ma suot sa manghud ang sanina sa ate if dako na..may gani di pud mureklamo ang manghud?

    Puhon dugangan pud nko ni akong isa ka Camilla hehe..

  3. Deli says:

    They look adorable in mint green :) You have lovely daughters indeed; you are so blessed :)

  4. I love the dresses! Beautiful girls!

  5. Sue Invegas says:

    Cute Pictures! Enjoy them while they are young! You are blessed! :)

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