Earn Cash While Shopping

I love shopping where I can earn cash to be used for next shopping trip. When we did school clothes shopping for our kindergartner, we went to The Children’s Place as they have their fall sale with denim for only $9.99 and other clearance items with additional 40% off. I also have a 20% off coupon I received thru mail that I can use on top of the discounts they have at the store. I also received a $20 place cash that I can use for my next purchase, starting September 11, of $40 or more. I can say I really had a sweet deal on our daughter’s clothes and accessories.

The Children’s Place is the third store that gives cash back in the form of coupon to be used for next purchase of certain amount. The two stores that I also frequented where you can earn cash while shopping are the Gymboree with their gym bucks, and Kohl’s with their Kohls’ cash. This is another form of marketing strategy to keep customers and comes back to shop at their store. When I have this store cash coupon, I see to it I use it before deadline as it is free money. You can use it on top of coupons and other discounts so you can really save more.

Even online I also go through sites where I can get cash back while shopping or earn points to redeem for rewards. I often use shopathome.com for cash back. I use swagbucks to redeem for amazon gift cards and mypoints to earn points to redeem gift cards from different stores. If you haven’t joined any of this, you can start now and start earning while you shop.

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4 Responses to Earn Cash While Shopping

  1. joy says:

    that’s good news for those who love to shop online just like myself! i heard swagbucks before but i haven’t tried it yet but maybe this time i will.

  2. What a fantastic way to shop and the same time earn cash. I have Kohl’s that every time you shop at amount of $50, you earn $10 back which is great :-) You can use the extra cash on your next shopping :-)

  3. jheylo says:

    this would be great. we shop and earn something for what we have purchased? that’s cool. well, we have sears card and i just actually redeemed my points where i earned $20 :D

  4. rocky says:

    I just started on Swagbucks too and i like it :)

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