Choosing Back-to-School Clothes for Your Kids

Here in the US if your kids go to a public school they don’t wear uniform. Mandatory uniforms are only worn with school kids that are in private schools. But I think you can still let your kids wear some kind of french toast uniforms or any uniforms that are approved by the school. Our kindergartner goes to a public school and I also bought her some school uniforms that she like, which can be worn in the school that she go to.

I noticed that during back-to-school, it is hard to look for clothing that our children can wear that will last long. Children are very active and you have to let them wear clothes that will not be ripped right away when they run, jump and climb around. It can be daunting to find the durable clothing but inexpensive ones. But as a mother, I don’t wanna splurge on school clothes or uniforms. They grow fast and buying them expensive clothing is not practical for me. I wish though that they have uniform at least I won’t have a hard time thinking what they have to wear the next school day.

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9 Responses to Choosing Back-to-School Clothes for Your Kids

  1. I love the French Toast uniforms coz I see them at the store though my kids do not wear any uniform. How I wish they do…to save me from buying clothes :-)

  2. Shy's Mode says:

    Here all the school doesnt require any uniforms but the parlament is discussing about it and they havet annonce yet what is the decision.. I havent seen any French Toast Uniform, I better google about it then..

  3. jheylo says:

    it’s always nice for our kids to have new clothes every first day of school :D i got some new t-shirts for my son too and he wore it first day of school.

  4. Freakyehs says:

    am sure it’s also fun doing some shopping. we done some clothe shopping for out preschooler early this month. there are tons of choices for girls but sometimes still hard to shop for clothes right.

  5. Nancy says:

    Now that’s one thing we have in common. I don’t bear fancy costs for clothing articles either. As much as possible I go for something that won’t compromise the quality and the best way to do it is to buy clothes that are on sale.

  6. In my son’s school they wear with collar shirt either blue, yellow, red, and black. Then their pants just the cream color. I bought few pairs for him and that’s it. Maybe some public schools are different that is why some do not have the uniform and others also have uniforms…

  7. Mel Cole says:

    I remember wearing different set of clothes when I was in college. it’s always tiring because you don’t want to wear clothes again and again, it gets faded fast. i think i understand what you mean it is really hard to buy school clothes for kids in public school mommy.

  8. Janet Speaks says:

    My son doesn’t wear uniform to school, too. I’d prefer if he does coz it’s not that hard to prepare clothes for school.

  9. Lulu says:

    Sometimes it is an advantage for us moms if our kids wear uniforms because we don’t have to think of buying more school clothes for them.

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