Casual or Formal?

Ever since I got here in the US, I only attended a wedding with reception once with my husband’s cousin in South Carolina, and the second one was only a reception of our friend and neighbor. They already had their wedding ceremony months ago but they had their reception done just last Saturday. They only invited few friends and family and some of us in the neighborhood. Really, I was thinking that since there’s no wedding ceremony I will just wear a simple slacks and blouse and I ironed hubby’s polo shirt.

Good thing I saw our neighbor, who will also be attending the reception. They’re wearing formal attire. I was thinking that I don’t want us to be very casual as I don’t know what the setting will be. So I told hubby to change to a three-piece suit and I changed also to a semi-formal clothes that I got at Burlington Coat Factory last year but I only wore once, then decided to wear the peep-toe sling shoes. I was glad I decided to change because all the attendees are really in their formal attire. Even the kids were also in their best clothes. I guess the lesson learned is know what type of  party and motif or theme the party will be so you will be prepared.

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One Response to Casual or Formal?

  1. emzkie says:

    lahi ni ilang wedding diri, masking simple lang.. the thought nga wedding naka bow and tie dyud sila. pero tong akoa… pwede ra mag pantalon ang babae. hehehe. looking good mommy bless. love ur dress and shoes


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