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This post brought to you by Famous Footwear. All opinions are 100% mine.

Going on a shopping trip with two toddlers in tow is not an easy task. This is why when I go to store I made sure I know what I went there to and I don’t like going to dressing room because the kids gets bored fast. I don’t want them to act up while I am in the fitting area. But when going for a shoe shopping I also make sure which aisle I will go and what type of shoes I want to get. But I am thankful for some stores that really goes out of their way of making their store very airy and accessible for shoppers with double strollers. One store that I go to when shoe shopping is Famous Footwear and in fairness they have a nice set up and you can access what you need easily. It’s like shoe shopping made easy for me.

And speaking fo shoe shopping, Famous Footwear have a promotion going on for back-to-school a 15% off discount and BOGO (buy one get one half off). This is very timely as the school starts here in our state on the 4th of September. I will still need to shop for our kindergartner. Shoes is really important as her feet is constantly growing. To avail of this promotion you need to print this BOGO + 15% off Famous Footwear Coupon and redeem in store between August 2 to August 18. I still have time snag a great deal at this shoe store.

Another great thing to do while in this store is to join their free Rewards Program that will allow you to become their preferred customer and gets the following benefits: Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend in-store or online; Accumulate points to earn certificates up to $100 a year; Discount offer just for signing up; Other special inside discounts and perk in futures. So as a member of their rewards program, you will get 20% off discount instead of the 15% off initially. You can’t beat their price for branded footwear.

Got to get the durable shoes for our active toddler, and I know I can find variety of styles at Famous Footwear. So if you are planning of shoe shopping, print and bring this coupon to redeem in store. Savings is sweeter when stacking it with your rewards membership so don’t forget to sign up as well.


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12 Responses to Shoe Shopping Made Easy

  1. Claire says:

    I hear yah:) shopping with kids can be really challenging, It like going in and getting out routine. If store like this would make shoe shopping very easy, this is the way to go:)

  2. gmags says:

    I love it when a store makes it easy to shop. Shoe shopping for kids are an absolute chore!

  3. I found one Famous Footwear in our city but unfortunately it is far to drive :-( will just shop to Payless coz they have sale like this and it does help you saves money :-)

  4. Kayce says:

    yeah right! shopping with kids is really not an easy task specially if our kids doesn’t like the shoes or clothes. We need to go to another store. Good thing the famous footwear got all the latest shoe style and designs! :)

  5. jheylo says:

    have you gotten you 20% off at their store yet? if not, you should sign up for their reward program and avail their great savings. the best store indeed to shop for our children’s footwear since they outgrow their shoes easily.

  6. Mel Cole says:

    I love the shoes in their store! I’m glad I can save when shopping for shoes too.

  7. Anne Louise says:

    Well, 20% is a big deal for me. Love to shop shoes when its on sale

  8. emzkie says:

    it sure is not easy to go shopping with toddlers. with my little guy he whines and cried so loud if i step in to a dress store specially in Macy. hehehehe. but famous footwear sure have some good brands of shoes, just too expensive for my pocket even. good thing they have this coupons,

  9. haze says:

    This will definitely add to my shopping mania. To shop for footwear at the same time save, is like heaven. What more could we ask?

  10. Nita says:

    I couldn’t agree for more. Shopping with toddlers especially footwear related stuff is like a pain in the neck. I always make sure DH is with me when shopping for kid’s footwear since he’s also good at it.

  11. grace says:

    I wish the brand is open here.. I would surely be the no. customer…

  12. Wow! Another BOGO post. This made me very interested. :)

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