Savvy Shopper Use Coupons

Even before using coupons for grocery shopping, I already use coupons and other discount codes when shopping at department stores. Usually you can find store coupons in magazines or in email and even when you shop they will give you coupon good for your next shopping trip with corresponding dates. And if you are a member of the store’s rewards program, they will constantly send you catalogs or discount cards.

The school year here is about to start in September and most stores have different ways of bringing in customers for business. Everyday in our mailbox we received different discount cards and coupons for stores that I am a member to. Most of these are kids’ stores like Gymboree, The Children’s Place, as well as Payless, Kohl’s Sears, Kmart, Gap, Old Navy, and many others. So it is really up to us if we want to use this while we shop or not at all. But as a savvy shopper Mom that loves to save dollars, I am using it when we shop for our daughter’s back-to-school supplies. Some would say they don’t need coupons as you can only save cents, but if you combine all your savings in all your trips to the stores it is still extra bucks to your pocket. I am excited to hit the stores and use my coupons to save.

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5 Responses to Savvy Shopper Use Coupons

  1. Lulu says:

    those coupons are really helpful. I use coupons when I shop anywhere.

  2. yay! for another coupons and deals Momi Bless :-) I have those Kohl’s too :-) I really like to shop at that store :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  3. emzkie says:

    yay! wise buying. ur hubby would be so proud of you mommy. u save him a lot of money. =)

    from BPC 230

  4. Dhemz says:

    pastilan! grabi kadaghan ani mamiBless…shopping galore jud ni…your hubby is so lucky…wais kasi si misis…hehhee!

    thanks sa BPC hop!

  5. Pinx says:

    wow! i hope naa pud ni sa canada! hahaha! maka-save jud maayo with coupons! 230 BPC visit here mommy!

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