Review: Sweet Floral Printing Deep V-neckline Dress from OASAP

It’s a blessing that I became one of the fashion bloggers of Oasap that offers high street fashion clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. As to what their motto says, they deliver fashion and love. I couldn’t agree more on that. As one of their fashion bloggers, I get to receive credits that will allow me to buy products from them. With that, I can get my wish items for free. Sweet! So for my first item that I got using my credit, I was able to snag this Oasap sweet floral-print dress. I thought it’s a lovely summer dress, and I wasn’t wrong. Two days ago I received my order and I so love the dress a lot! I love the color, the fabric, and the style. Accordingly, this dress is crafted in chiffon that features sweet exquisite floral printing, sleeveless design, sexy deep v-neckline detail, high waitstline, long length cut, and exquisite lacy hemline. Here’s my picture below wearing this lovely dress!

The high-waist line style of this dress makes you look taller. The flowing dress is very exquisite and the lacy design at the hem gives this dress the bang for your buck. At Oasap, they make sure their customers are happy with their purchase thus offering a high-street fashion collections for women. You too can be one of their fashion bloggers or become a member of their Fashion Hunter Program. If you love fashion and love to brag of your great finds, then check out Oasap and join their program. If you only what to shop for great fashion collections, then visit their website and see their vast collections. Join Oasap now!

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59 Responses to Review: Sweet Floral Printing Deep V-neckline Dress from OASAP

  1. Nita says:

    You look fabulous Mommy Bless! I also like high-waist line style clothing which makes you look taller. It is perfect for people like me, kay motaas tan-awon LOL.

  2. Dhemz says:

    very nice mamiBless! you look stunning on the dress and look taller as well…:) great choice!

  3. Pinx says:

    wow!!! pretty dress!!!! love it!!! from BB!

  4. Leah H. says:

    I like the dress. Beautiful and sexy!

  5. Rocky says:

    You look absolutely stunning in that dress momi Bless :))

  6. jheylo says:

    ay wow na wow gyud. i so love the way you accessorize yourself with that dress.

  7. Lalaine says:

    wow!angayan kau ka mommy bless!..;]

  8. poray says:

    gorgeous! both the dress and you mami…now i wish i look good on a dress hays

  9. I like the dress Momi Bless :-) perfect on you :-) you look fab!!!

  10. In-in says:

    The dress is just perfect on you mama. It suits you really well. Thanks for leaving your footprint in my page. I appreciate!

  11. Rcel says:

    That is a gorgeous dress on you Bless! Angayan kaayo ka! :)

  12. rocky says:

    i luv ur dress gyud momi Bless :) …angayan kaau ka :)

  13. grace says:

    wow! you look great mommy! Pang Bb. Pilipinas…

  14. Marky says:

    Fabulous dress you got there! :)) Perfect for you.

  15. zoan says:

    WOW, what a sweet offer:) could I apply for OASAP too? even though I am in the Phils?

  16. Pinx says:

    that’s one lovely dress indeed… you look great in it! from BB again!

  17. Love the dress Momi Bless :-)

  18. Lulu says:

    sexy and hot momma. you look good in your dress.

    My latest post is here:

  19. Arlene says:

    The dress looks good on you, sis! Great summer attire – so cool!

  20. Shela says:

    Pretty summer dress, and color wise… i likey :)

  21. emzkie says:

    congrats mommy Bless for being the new fashion blogger of OASAP! thats a pretty dress, the color suits you very well.

  22. Ladysoda says:

    Oh that’s a fabulous dress you have there! Nice choice! I like how it flows to the tips..just beautiful and the color and florals made it more sweet.

  23. haze says:

    Really a ncie dress for you Mami Bless. I love the floral design and the ruffles below. You looks like a princess:) Lovely!

  24. melandria says:

    ooh really nice dress, you really look great there.

  25. I love your hairdo Momi Bless

  26. Pinx says:

    if i am to wear that, it will probably be just up to my ankles… it really looks good on you.

  27. Vernz Daily says:

    I think I can carry this.. gorgeous.. dropping by Mommy Bless :)

  28. you look ecstatic po… my wife would love to wear that too… imma tell her about this post as well..:)

    cheers :)

  29. emzkie says:

    is here again.. very pretty dress mommy Bless!

  30. zoan says:

    Maxi Dress are LOVE:) they look so good on you

  31. jheylo says:

    pretty and hot momma in her lovely dress with matching nice accessories :D

  32. Mrs.D says:

    clicked the link mami…:)

  33. Mel C. says:

    so pretty sexy lady in pink :D love the design of your dress.

  34. bagay sa imo ang dress Bless…i applied sa OASAP pero I was rejected kay daghan na daw silang fashion blogger sa pinas… o basig wa mi angay sa ako blog hahaha.

  35. Janet Speaks says:

    That’s a beautiful maxi dress and you look so beautiful wearing it. And congrats for being a blogger of Oasap.

  36. Mommy, you look fab! Love that dress as well. :) Great pick!

  37. Brooke says:

    Oh you look FAB! This is a beautiful dress

  38. Dhadha G. says:

    Wow! Pretty dress! It looks good on you! :)

  39. Wow, You are gorgeous sweetie :)

  40. Angel says:

    You look gorgeous! The dress is really chic. :)

  41. Patty A says:

    What a gorgeous dress! Love the print

  42. I love this dress and it looks fabulous on you!

  43. Diva Locks says:

    Cute dress, it fits you great and it looks perfect for summer :)

  44. Amber says:

    I absolutely love this dress! Looks great on you!

  45. tatess says:

    nice dress, lovely from design to color and the floral print.perfect for summer

  46. jheylo says:

    was looking for this type of dress but couldn’t find anywhere. you look good though

  47. Dhemz says:

    from com-ex mami…pindot pod ko!

  48. Shela says:

    The hair, shades, earrings compliments the dress you look hot :)

  49. wife would sure love to have one of these… thanks for this great read.. :)

  50. Genny says:

    Wow you always look awesome madam totally perfect fit…

  51. Mel C. says:

    hey sexy lady, i like your gorgeous dress! :D

  52. Herbert says:

    OASAP? Just today I heard about this one :/

  53. good for you sis! ako naman denied kasi daw dapat 1000 followers! waaaa ewan ko ba. haha nice dress sis!

  54. WoW! You look so stunning! I love maxi dresses as well.

  55. Chie says:

    Aw, that a lovely dress and as i see it a perfect fit for you.

  56. lesleyanneyp says:

    very lovely look fabulous in it.

  57. I want to have one Momi Bless kaya lng d man kapasar akoa fashion blog ky pr less kuk

  58. sir rob says:

    Looks nice and classy. And I think it fits you just right.

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