Restaurant: Impossible

Aside from watching shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares hosted by Chef Gordon Ramsay, I also love watching shows at foodnetwork, the Restaurant: Impossible by Chef Robert Irvine. I and hubby loves watching it when it’s on TV. Both the British chefs have their own style of bringing out the best in what they do. The toughness and direct to the point approach to help the fledgling restaurants they are working on and solving the problems is really worth watching.

In my opinion, as a restaurant goer, if I don’t like how the restaurant looks because it’s not clean and the food is bland, I would really question how clean they prepare the food in your plate. I think to liven up the ambiance of the restaurant can give impression to the customers. It will be worth checking for if your place is enticing and clean. One way of doing so is checking out some restaurant equipment supply and maybe freshen up the restaurant fixture and furniture. Making it look modern and lively would be something restaurant goers like. Most of all, making sure that the food being served is prepared clean and tasty. One thing I learned from watching those shows is that make sure you serve foods in the menu that are unique and different from the competitors so patrons will recommend it to others as well as they come back to try it again. Have you been to a restaurant that you didn’t like because it’s not clean and or the food is not that good? Would love to hear your experience!

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  1. jesie hardy says:

    i love going to a cleaner and relaxing type of ambiance when it comes to a restaurant too. i also like the idea of family friendly and kids friendly restaurants which i think some restaurants limit the idea with the reason i don’t know why. But i don’t care, as long as the food is good, I’m satisfied.

  2. emma says:

    Great equipment inside a restaurant no matter how simple it is is a great help to keep your customers coming and most of all attract customers to go inside and actually dine. Every restaurant owner should take this into consideration aside from the good food.

  3. Pinx says:

    i love the shows you’ve mentioned mommy… i love Gordon Ramsay too.. anyway, so far, haven’t been to one resto with poor service and not yummy food. the family usually go to our faves and if there’s a new one to try, we wait for good reviews before trying it ourselves.

  4. Marky says:

    A restaurant should have good furniture so that everyone will feel at home and relaxed. I often go to restaurants with awesome furniture hehe :)

  5. I seldom watch cook show Momi Bless but it is fun to watch and learn new recipe to cook. Those furniture are pretty and look durable too :-)

  6. When I go to a restaurant I always look for a comfortable place to sit while talking to some friends. The foods should served at its best because if I would find it the other way around, I would never go back as well. The restaurant owners should know all these to invite customers because if they don’t like the service at all, surely the business will go down.

  7. Ron says:

    anything a restaurant should have should atleast show how comfy the place is… most people would prefer good place + the good food..

    thanks for sharing :)

  8. jheylo says:

    oh boy! i bet we get a long so well. I used to watch hell’s kitchen too but i stopped because of profanity. i love foodnetworks too :D

  9. Genny says:

    I like to eat in a restaurant than to cook lazy me…

  10. Mrs.D says:

    so true! you know the saying that goes “first impression lasts!”

    We love watching HK…one of our faves!

  11. zoan says:

    wala pa akong napapanood sa mga na mention mo:D kahit nga kitchen musical di ako nanonood, I think if I want to loce cooking and the likes, I should watch that kind of tv series

  12. emzkie says:

    i used to watch those shows, specially the F word which is hosted also by Gordon Ramsay, makes me think twice of eating in a restaurant. its just crazy how they do at the kitchen. lol.

  13. Phebie says:

    I am so picky when it comes to eating in a restaurant. Before I’ll dine I’ll make it sure that I have heard several good reviews from a friend or from someone if it’s really worth dining for. I guess all of us would want to be in a clean restaurant, nice ambiance, pleasant crews and most of all be served with good tasty/yummy foods.

  14. Shela says:

    One of my favorite reality show on food channel :)

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