ISO Professional Hair Iron

I am not vane when it comes to my hair. If I go somewhere I usually have my hair in one ponytail. I have my regular black cloth pony tail and just scoop my hair at the nape then tie it and I’m ready to go.  My husband bought me hair iron and blower many about 5 years ago and I seldom use it. For one I don’t have the patience to blow dry my hair and then iron it. Another thing my hair iron don’t heat as much as I wanted to. It is of the cheap kind and not very effective.

I have been wanting to buy the new kind of hair iron as what I see at the mall and also in the salon, but it is very expensive. I told myself I am not going to pay for something that I may not be using often. Then last month I joined sneakpeaq. One of the deals that I saw that time was this ISO professional hair iron. According to the site, it was $340 in retail but they are having the great sale of $34. While sneaking to their great deals, I was able to get the $10 off badge on any ISO product purchase that leaves this hair iron to $24. I grabbed the chance of getting it at its lowest prices.

I am so glad I did because it is really a great buy. I received this last week and tried it once. I like that it has temperature and frizz control feature. It has a 100% solid ceramic plate and also has the far infrared technology among its features. According to the manual, I can straight, curl, and flip my hair when styling. Honestly, I need to learn how to use it, especially in styling because I am not used to doing it yet. I can check out youtube and their website though to look for styling ideas and how to use it properly.

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5 Responses to ISO Professional Hair Iron

  1. Jheylo says:

    nkapalit ko ingon ani sa mall. unya $90 to cya. katong time wa pko kalibutan nga mka palit diay ta ani ug barato. tsk tsk tsk usik lagi kaayo. unya panagsa lng namo gamiton. saun man di man hilig mangarte gud hehehehe.

    thanks for joining 366 BPC

  2. Mike says:

    glad you got a good deal and save a lot of money

    visiting back from BPC

  3. emzkie says:

    pareha ta mommy Bless, usahay gani mugawas lang ko nawalay panudlay. hehehe.. kalkag ug agi. hahaha.. i brush lang nako sa akong kamot. =) tapos kung mag church ako lang i tali ang akong buhok. pero naa koy iron, ur pang curl. katong nagpagupit ko 3 years ago, gi ubanan ko sa akong bana ug gipalitan ko niya. =)

    from BPC 211, hope u can drop by

  4. Lulu says:

    This is really a good buy!

  5. that is perfect for your curly and beautiful girls Momi Bless :-) glad you bought it with a great price…what a great beauty accessories to have :-) Returning late from BPC.

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