Hubby’s Birthday in Another Month

There will be more things to do next month. It’s back to school and will be our 5-year-old’s first day of school a day before hubby’s birthday. I haven’t started the back-to-school shopping for our girl. I need to list down all the things she need; clothing and school supplies. I know I also have to get her winter clothes later on. But for the time being, I also need to look for something to give to my husband on his birthday. I am trying to check out different gifts for him both online and in store and quite frankly I found a lot to choose from. It’s so hard to make a definite choice when you see a lot of nice stuff to give to your loved one. I know my husband will always say not to get him anything, but I just don’t like the feeling of not doing anything or giving him something to celebrate his birthday. It is also my way of thanking God for having him in our lives and for being a great husband, father, and  provider.

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