Garage Sale Finds

This weekend a friend hosted a garage sale and I also put in some toys ans baby stuff to sell. Good thing most of the things I bought were sold. Then during the garage sale I also saw great finds that I bought since it’s hard to pass it up. I found this beautiful purse and wedge in white color still in mint conditions. The purse is a Kathy Van Zealand limited edition for $10 and the wedge is Bamboo for $3.  Now I have a perfect summer ensemble. I don’t mind buying second hand stuff as long as it is still in good condition and useful. We may be going for another garage sale this weekend and on the weekend of 18th, our community will host another garage sale which I am thinking of selling some stuff as well.

Great Finds Sunday

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4 Responses to Garage Sale Finds

  1. haze says:

    that’s a great find. Oh, how we love bargain, huh.

  2. amiableamy says:

    wow…that is really a good buy Bless. I like it and for $13? Nothing can beat that. Passing by :-) enjoy ur day

  3. What a pretty bag and cute shoes Momi Bless :-) Those are great deals and finds too :-) Returning from GFS

  4. jheylo says:

    what a great find indeed. i love to tote bag and the sandal look so cute.

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