Deciding Upon a Trendy Engagement Ring

With all the rave about celebrity weddings like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, it is no wonder that people are out there rethinking their decisions to take the plunge themselves. This has jolted many young lovers to start looking into the most current engagement ring trends. Unfortunately, because the economy is at such an all time low, not everyone can afford a celebrity quality engagement ring. However, there are some ways to get the ring of your dreams without having to spend a small fortune. For one thing, you can sell scrap gold to get some of the money you need for an engagement ring. Not many people realize just how much money they have laying around in their homes from jewelry they no longer wear.

Now, let us look at some of the least expensive trends this year. One of the things many couples are doing is using gemstone rings, instead of diamond rings. Stones like Rubies, Amethysts, Emeralds, Garnets, and even Onyx are being used in wedding ring sets. This is not a new trend, as it has been done for centuries, but this year it seems to be particularly popular. The best way to choose the stone is by birthstone of course, the bride-to-be’s that is.

Other people find using loose diamonds from other jewelry they have lying around and using those to have engagement rings made. This is of course a bit pricier than the gemstone idea, but some girls have their hearts set on diamonds. Additionally, there is always the tradition of using antique wedding ring sets that have been in the family for a long time, as vintage is very chic this year where engagement ring trends go. Some families have engagement rings that have been in the family for centuries.

One thing to remember is that blood diamonds are definitely out this year, as many more people are becoming aware of the world they live in and the way certain things are acquired. If you do go out for a brand new diamond engagement ring, make sure you purchase it from a conflict-free source, in which no one was hurt in order for the diamond to get to your finger! Halo settings are also very “in” this year, and this consists of either a gemstone, or a larger diamond that is surrounded by a series of smaller diamonds.

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14 Responses to Deciding Upon a Trendy Engagement Ring

  1. joy says:

    diamonds are forever, they are good and wise investments :)

  2. che says:

    It’s a great feeling to receive an engagement ring. For me, a simple ring will do. What’s important is the truthfulness of the one giving it.

  3. Lulu says:

    i love my engagement ring because of its sentimental values. it is too bad it won’t fit me now.

  4. jheylo says:

    that’s a really nice and cute ring. i love the design and details

  5. these days, people are trying to seek other options instead of just using diamonds for engagement rings. even the Facebook founder gave her bride an engagement ring that’s not diamond. if i’m not mistaken, it’s ruby.

  6. Dhemz says:

    Oh celebrities! good for them they can afford to get any kind of ring they want. I’m just contented of what I have…bisan baratohon ra ni…lol! we can’t afford diamonds.

  7. Les says:

    the engagement ring that hubby gave me is an heirloom :) it may not be as stunning as other engagement rings but i love it.

  8. i honestly like a princess cut diamond engagement ring. oh well, at least i have one :D

  9. zoan says:

    I will tell the bf about this so that he will buy one for me hahaha

  10. dorry lyn says:

    i love that ring.. simple yet elegant looking

  11. Marie says:

    Quite a looker. Wedding rings are definitely an investment…it’s best to choose one that a couple would wear through their lifetime…

  12. claire says:

    diamonds are girls best friend! hope someday I would have this, he he

  13. Dhadha says:

    How i wish i can also own a diamond ring. Bat kai ayaw pa ako bigyan ni hubby. LOL. :))

  14. Chie says:

    getting money off scrap gold to buy a new one whether an engagement right or other jewelry is a good idea.

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