Black High-Heeled Shoes

I only have few really high-heeled shoes, more than 3 inches heels. I am a petite person and not blessed with tall height so I decided to try wearing heels more than 3 inches. Although back then I kind of not liking the way it feels especially when walking. A friend of mine gave me this beautiful sling back sandals on my birthday with about 4 inches heels. It has an inch platform so it does not hurt my feet and the arch has a support. The sole of the shoes is padded. I got to wear this type of shoes only if there’s special occasion or when we go to church. Now I like collecting high-heeled shoes and I love it when I get it for free or in a very discounted price.

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One Response to Black High-Heeled Shoes

  1. poray says:

    i love the shoes is pretty..i love high heeled shoes too ky mubo pud kong tawo hehehe but i seldom wear them anymore because i have to be comfortable to race after my son when we are out in public lol maybe someday i will get to wear high heeled shoes again

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