Walgreen’s Trip July 23

I paid $6.19 for all 5 items.

My first Walgreens trip yesterday. I made two transactions. It wasn’t bad at all, but I could have made a different scenario to make it more of a great deal.

1st Transaction:

2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Antiperspirant/Deodorant $2.99 ($5.98)

Used $2.00/2 MQ

Paid:  $3.98+ tax and got $2.00 RR to be used for next transaction.

2nd Transaction:

1 Buncha Crunch $0.69 (filler)

1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats 1/2.99 – $2.50 (2/5.00)

1 Post Grape-Nuts 1/2.99 – $2.50 (2/5.00)

Used $1.00/1 Post HBO MQ

Used $1.00/1 Grape-Nuts MQ

Used $2.00 RR from 1st Transaction

Paid: $1.69

I should receive one $1.00 RR for buying 2 Post cereals but accordingly only select varieties are included on the sale items. I would have voided the transaction but I just don’t want to create any scene at the store. I still have a good deal anyways. I will just make sure next time before I go to the register.

My total savings from coupons and store advertised sales is $14.28 and my total out of pocket is $6.19.

Linking this to 366 BPC!

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3 Responses to Walgreen’s Trip July 23

  1. Jheylo says:

    wow, whatta deal mami bless. you surely save a lot of dollars ani.

    thanks for joining 366 BPC

  2. emzkie says:

    thats great mommy! duol ba mo sa mga store? ing ani na ginagmay lang paliton kay dili dyud mag silbi sa amoa, pag mag grocery mi kay tag tuig dyud. hehehe.. exag na na ha.. lol. bulan lang bitaw, since ako naman naga grocery ron… twice a month ra ko naga grocery. dinaghan dyud permi. kafuyan man gud ko adto ug grocery ba nga gamay lang paliton, tapos naa pa dyud mga bata, samokins kaau cge syaget sa grocery. stress kaau, lol mao ng akong mga coupons usahay ma expired na lang.. hahay… =)

    from BPC

  3. Jheylo says:

    visiitng back from BPC

    great deals gyud, the fact nga ang cereals palang would cost you probably over $6 alone…. dako na gyud na savings :)

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