Victoria Secret Freebies


I almost forgot about the coupons the Victoria Secret sent me last week. Actually I missed the free VS tote when you purchase beauty products. After our family day out yesterday, we went to the mall just to use my 2 free panty coupon and a $10 off bra purchase. I love the free stuff deals of Victoria Secret and if I get 1 a month, that is about 12 in a year freebies of VS underwear. I got the lacy undies and also the incredible hip hugger line of Victoria Secret. The push up bra is originally $29.50 less my $10, I paid $21 for the three items. Not bad at all. I am excited again for next month. I hope they will send some more freebie coupons.

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6 Responses to Victoria Secret Freebies

  1. Jheylo says:

    yahoooo! hehehhehee. we all got our share of freebies from VS. si bana pa nko na, naa ba daw ani sa pinas? tubag pod ko ug dako nga NO way jose…. kakuripot nlng sa pinas, wa free didto kay dakong pangiyawat hehehhe.

    thanks for joining 366 bpc

  2. yay! great deals and sweet buy Momi Bless :-) I love VS coupons :-) it helps for pasalubong too :-) and yes! I got a $10 off this month too as a coupon :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  3. emzkie says:

    those are nice ones mommy Bless! love the color too

  4. Rcel says:

    Wow! Of course, nothing beats free stuff jud ba, Unya kini kay from VS pa jud. Perting lamia! Lol. Sa IL pa mi sauna, duol ra man ang VS, so always pud ko balik didto. Ngek diri sa among bukid tua sa pikas syudad, drive pa ko 30 minutes, hasolan ko kung mao ray adtoon kay naa ra man tanan basic needs naku diri in town so lie low sa VS nalang. Lol.

    BPC hop!

  5. Shy´s Mode says:

    Yay, what a great deal mommy..sana meron ganyan dito hehe..anyway thanks for visiting and following my blog, I do the same to pero hindi lahat my widget ng followers..hope to see again in my blog.

  6. Dhemz says:

    how cool! good for you mamiBless….what a great deal indeed!

    ;ate BPC hop!

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