Unique Mailboxes

Whenever we will have to move to another house, I want to be in a place where it has a bigger area and somewhat away from the neighbors. Right now our house is in a new community where the house are so near to each other and the backyard or front yard is only divided by a fence. Our mailbox is also a walking distance from our house and it is a cluster mailboxes. I wish to have of those unique residential mailboxes. It is a good thing to not to share mailboxes with your neighbors. Although we have an individual mailbox, when we get our mails and some other neighbors are also there to get their mails, you have to wait. Whereas having your own in your front yard is convenient and adds beauty to your property too.

I saw some unique mailboxes for sale and I love to get one for us. But since it will be of no use to us right now, I have to withdraw the idea. On another token, if you are looking for unique mailboxes, check out online and you can find original keystone mailboxes in different colors and texture. Something that will fit your house’s character and personality. Having a nice mailbox will give an impact to the facade of your place. It can add curb appeal and value to your property too.

I watched the Curb Appeal show on television and one thing that they do change once they do spruce up somebody’s front yard is also the mailbox. I always see unique mailboxes or different ways of setting it up in the curb of the homeowners. Even a simple paint for the mailbox itself and giving it a sturdy stand with flowers on the ground totally changes the whole look of the yard. This is something I want to have in the future.


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  1. I agree. I would not want to share a mailbox with any other person either. I like to show off my who I am with my mailbox. Right now I have a horse and buggy with an old lady sitting on the front seat because I am getting up there in years. It still makes me laugh.

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