Renewal of Vows

When we got married we have one of hubby’s relatives posed as our wedding photographer. We did not have a grand wedding and I did not even wear a bridal gown. It was very simple but for me very solemn. For that time it is very practical. We still plan of having a wedding with our relatives. Maybe we can renew our vows on out 10th year anniversary, which is in two and a half years from now. When it comes, I would love to have a professional wedding photographer. I saw online a raleigh wedding photographer and I love their captures. I wish they are near so maybe we can hire them to have our wedding pictures taken.

On another token, my family in my home country asked me if we can have our renewal of vows done there. I really am not sure about it since it is very far and I cannot prepare a wedding half way around the world. But if ever, my sister volunteered to coordinate for everything. We will just show up there maybe a week before the date. It is a good plan, but I love to be hands on the details and I can see all the works that needs to be done. But for now I can save for that occasion. Whenever the place for it, I will make it sure we will have lots of photos to preserve the memories.


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