Hubby’s Project

As much as I don’t want to but we added another bill to pay, that is signing for another vehicle. My car broke down. Hubby already replaced some parts of it, but the main problem now is either having a leaking cylinder or the pistons needs to be replaced. Since it is an old car, fixing it would cost more and it may become a money pit for us. So we decided to get another vehicle and keep it for hubby to work on as his project. Since the problem of the car is the engine, he has to buy tools and accessories to take out the engine and then buy the parts. He has some of the tools already but we are looking for over a thousand dollars to have everything he needs, tools and auto parts. This will be a good education for me when it comes to machines and fixing cars. From learning the name of different tools to having knowledge on car parts. A funny experience I have in naming tools was that I thought plunger is the one to be used only in the bathroom, but there is also plunger that is used industrially or in mechanics’ world. Hubby was laughing at me when I told him. Anyways, from now on I will expect for hubby to be focused on this project of his aside from his school work. I cannot wait for it to be over and have that car back to running again.


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