Embracing the curves

Gone are the stick thin role models of Kate Moss in her heroin-chic days, and fragile models tottering down the catwalk. Instead, the skeletal supermodels have been displaced in the media limelight by curvy celebrities such as Lara Stone, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce.

In the past, the arrival of summer might have induced panic into the hearts of many un-skinny women, who tried to cover up their curves. However, fashion has finally caught up with the real world, and big is beautiful.

Curves are the quintessential feature to flaunt this season, and now it is the super skinny girls’ turn to panic about how to embrace this latest fashion. But, with the help of some clever clothes, everyone can have a Beyonce bum this season.

If you think you might be veering on wobbly rather than voluptuously curvy, wear something flattering to your figure that will give the illusion of shaving a few pounds off your sides. All the celebrities (including the queen of heroin-chic herself) have been seen wearing a Stella McCartney optical illusion dress. However, you can get yours for a fraction of the price at £31.50.

This navy dress has white panels down the sides, which gives the illusion of the wearer having a slimmer, curvier body. This works for girls who are naturally thin and want defined curves, or girls who already have the curves but want to accentuate them.

For thinner girls who want to create curves, go for a patterned version of this dress. I absolutely love this starburst dress with its structured fit and black sides. It is smart enough to wear to the office, but fun enough to keep you feeling fashionable and flirty.

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