Showing-Off the Bumps

Even now that I am not pregnant I still love looking or browsing for maternity clothes online. More Moms are now wearing sexy maternity clothes, showing off the bumps compared to just the traditional ones. There are trendy maternity dresses that are introduced in the market to cater to those trendy Moms. There are websites also that sell plus size maternity clothes, but still the designs are not compromised at all.

Before I can only see maternity clothes like in this picture being worn by celebrities. Now, every pregnant Mommies can already get this type of clothing at an affordable price. There are also what they called a transition maternity clothing. Those are the ones that you can wear even if you are not pregnant anymore.

When I was pregnant, most of my maternity clothes were regular clothes but with elastic fabric. I bought empire cut dress that are free flowing from under the bustline down. With this cut even if you don’t have the bumps anymore you can still wear the dress. Even the blouses I bought I can still use it now that I am not pregnant. I think this is a good idea so that I won’t be giving away the clothes since I can still use it.


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