PF#8 Wall Climber in Pink

Kids love to be at the park all the time. Once our DD1 wakes up in the morning, her first question would be “where are we going today, Mommy?” then “can we go to the park when it’s sunny, Mommy”? She just loves the outdoor too much. This park in the picture is the small park inside our community, which is very near to our house. When I am doing some gardening in our front yard, they can just run to the park and I can see them. There is only one house in between this park and our own house.

She loves climbing on this not so tall wall and then slide. The monkey bar is still high for her height and she usually asks for my help when she do it. On Wednesday, I promised to bring them to the big park, but because of the house inspection I wasn’t able to. Now that their Daddy is here, we will have more time to do some activities outdoor. Hoping the weather will get better and showers will not be in our way too much.

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  1. meiyah says:

    ang cute naman ng ponk outfit niya…

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