Crisscross Wedge – Orange

I love this wedge that I saw at This is great for summer. I just realize that one of my favorite color is orange. When I was in the Philippines I really don’t like to wear bright or loud colors. Now I know that you still can wear it as accent to what you are wearing. Not necessarily wearing all orange, but a little color would add life to your ensemble.

Now that color blocking is very popular in fashion, this color would go nicely for summer outfit. This is the Zola crisscross lush wedge from shoedazzle. I don’t have this kind of wedge yet and I want to own one in the future. Honestly there are just too many shoes you can find online and in store. I can’t decide of what to get since I like to have more of it. Maybe 2 pairs of this kind of wedge will be a nice addition to my collection in the future.

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