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I have been couponing for the last two years, but it is on and off. I did not have the time to clip coupons and my priorities got shifted to my school aside from taking care of the kids. It is really a shame that I have the coupons at home and I can’t bring it to the store to use. If I do it religiously, I could have saved a lot already. Now that my school is over, I am starting to dig out my coupon binder. I know it will be like going to start from scratch.

The binder in picture was the binder I made back in 2010. Some of the coupons inside were all expired. I have some more inserts that are also expired and I will be throwing it away. I planned of sending it to my friend overseas, they’re in the military too, but I have to sort the ones that can still be used and those that should be tossed. I am still a newbie couponer and still has a lot to learn. I don’t mind learning and hopefully this time I can have the technique and can really maximize my savings using coupons.

I remember early last year when we shopped at the commissary, I brought my binder with me and had it spread on the shopping cart’s baby seat. While pushing the cart, there was this family with their 3 children. The kid, about 9-10 years old got so excited when she saw me flipping through my binder. She really came up to me and said, wow you’re a couponer just like what I saw on TV! She got so excited. I just smiled and said I am still far from them. I am still a beginner in couponing.

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6 Responses to Coupon Binder

  1. yay! that is a great accessory Momi Bless to keep all your coupons in order :-) I love coupons too because it saves us money :-) Dropping by from BPC.

  2. Jheylo says:

    oh wow! that is so cool. i bet you save tons of money from this hobby. I love watching “extreme couponing” but i think it’s a lot of work involved. Just thinking about sorting, clipping and saving all the coupons you can possibly can is overwhelming for me. pwede na kaayo nimo ma send sa pinas ang uban di magamit pra di mo expire. somehow this kind of hobby is very beneficial :)

    mine is up hope you can visit back

  3. Mona says:

    I am watching extreme couponing lately and really want to try it kaya lang its not possible ata sa Pinas i don’t hear anyone doing same thing. good luck to you for sure it will give big savings for you!

  4. emzkie says:

    wow that is cool mommy Bless, you can really save a lot from couponing. i dont do it every week, just ones in a bluemoon if i feel like it. usahay ma expired na gud. hehe sayang. malimtan man gud ba. i should get a binder like yours too para dili makalimtan. =)

    BPC #154

  5. Mel C. says:

    o my! i can’t do that organizing stuff when it comes to coupon binding. i’m sure one can cave a lot of money that way as long as you won’t buy the other stuff that you won’t need. that’s a great way for savvy shopping.

  6. Rcel says:

    So Bless, tell me about it! Gusto ra baya kaayo ko mag-couponing pud, kanang dinagko kaayo nga savings jud ba. Pero murag lisud kaayo kay ang start nga process nga gitudlo sa akong kaila, di naku makuha. LOL. Basin ikaw makatudlo sa akoa sa easy way! :D

    BPC 154 hop here! Hope you can visit back! :)

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